MTC launches Bluetick

• By Confidente Reporter

MTC Namibia has launched an online store, Bluetick, to create a platform for local designers and creatives to better market and sell their fashion taste to the ‘081 Nation’ and wider Namibian fashion space.

According to MTC, the online store will boost the knee bent industry which has been hard hit by the pandemic while creating a shoe-string appetite for buying local.

The online store will create a platform for local designers to showcase their garments with over two million people estimated to reach the platform.

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Bluetick will go live next month on December 1.

“The objective of the Bluetick initiative is to uplift the Namibian fashion and design industry while creating an opportunity that supports and encourages talented fashion designers to showcase their talent and be able to make a living out of it.

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“These groups of talented designers have now collaborated with MTC to design exclusive clothing for different age groups and accessories for the MTC brand.

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These designs will be exclusive to MTC while the designers will pocket the earnings derived from the sale on Bluetick,” said Tim Ekandjo, MTC chief human capital and corporate affairs officer.

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The online boutique on behalf of the designers will be hosting and selling their garments and accessories on the MTC e-commerce platform.

Ekandjo said this will translate that the designers will be producing products, determine their selling prices, and MTC will do the selling on their behalf via MTC e-commerce platform, and the money will go directly to the designers.

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Quizzed on how the MTC Bluetick designers were selected, Ekandjo explained that, “A call for pitching was put out, and designers were selected.

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For the designers who didn’t make it the first time, they still have a chance because this is set to be an ongoing process as the demand for local garments is on the rise”.