MTC launches multiple Aweh product solution

By Business Reporter

NAMIBIA’S leading digital enabler, MTC this week  launched its latest market offering termed “Multiple Aweh” product solution. This solution will enable customers to subscribe to more than one, up to three Awehs subscriptions at a time.

The much anticipated solution by more than 2.5 million MTC customers falls in line with MTC’s vision to keep improving the lives of its customers through innovative digital solutions as the best and leading digital enabler.

Shedding light on how Multiple Aweh will work, MTC’s Chief Commercial Officer Malvin Angula explained that “a customer who is already on one Aweh, now has an option to subscribe for additional one or two Aweh packages, mainly Aweh Prime and/or Aweh Super.  For example if a customer is on Aweh Gig, he/she can subscribe to Super and/or Prime before the Aweh Gig subscription expires. Each Aweh subscription will come with its own expiry date, independent of the others.”

Angula added: “the dynamics of the market in which we operate are invariably evolving. Customers want flexibility and innovatively design service plans, consequently challenging us as service providers to innovate and design new customer-tailored offerings which will attend to customers’ expectations and satisfy their needs with seamless solutions. We are thus proud and excited to be offering this solution which our customers have long yearned for.”

The launch of Multiple Aweh comes two months after the company launched to the market yet another innovative solution (s), the Taamba products range.