MTC opens dealer shop in Otjinene

MTC officially opened a new dealer shop in Otjinene town earlier on Tuesday.

MTC used to serve its customers through Nampost, which delivered limited services. Such services included only the sale and replacement of SIM cards.

According to MTC, customers can now access a range of MTC services, such as contract applications, account payments and renewals, SIM replacement, data and device set-up, and recharge vouchers.

MTC Corporate Affairs Manager John Ekongo said this dealership will allow people to have services closer to them.

He further said that this would allow some of the people in the area to earn an income.

“This is a customer-oriented move to bring services closer to the people because we believe everyone should have easy access to our services.

“Before this new dealer shop, people of Otjinene and other adjacent constituencies travelled hundreds of kilometres to Gobabis or Grootfontein to [for instance] open a contract account.

We are thus glad that this will not be the case anymore. While this is decentralizing our services, the dealership concept also provides income for our dealers to earn a commission from serving our clientele, especially in remote areas,” said Ekongo.

Councillor of Otjinene Constituency Erwin Katjizeu applauded MTC for taking a fair and inclusive approach to growing its reach into rural locations.

He further highlights the advantages the recently opened MTC dealer shop will bring to local businesses and individuals.

“Today marks a significant milestone for our community. MTC’s presence will benefit the individuals and facilitate business growth and opportunities.

“It is an economic stimulation. We will now easily access intelligent communication tools and services that improve our communication experience and bridge the digital divide.

We therefore celebrate and welcome this development because it aligns with our community advancement strategy,” said Katjizeu.