MTC’s teen inspirational features the Ghetto Kids from Uganda

• By Veronica Amaral

INTERNET dance sensation Ghetto Kids from Uganda is set to headline the second MTC Teen Inspiration Summit set for March 30.

Known for their contagious positive energy, Ghetto Kids achieved global recognition in 2017 with their dance video to the Afro-House song Marimba Rija by Angolan musician Dotorado Pro.

First held in 2019, the summit is an initiative to engage, stimulate, and inspire Namibian teenagers (the young generation) through inspirational speech and talent displayed by their peers to believe in and pursue their dreams.

Themed “Be your own Hero”, the summit is planned to take place in Windhoek at IUM main campus, Tunana Hall.  In addition to Ghetto Kids, the summit will have a lineup of talented and inspiring local talents to be revealed soon.

Tickets will be available at WebTickets for N$100. At the launch, Deputy Minister of Education Faustina Caley urged the Namibian children to believe in their dreams while assuring the government’s efforts in creating an enabling environment that allows every child to dream and become whoever they want to be.  

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