Muambo sings liberation

By Marx Itamalo

PETER ‘Muambo’ Ambambi, the fabled composer and singer of Oshiwambo religious songs, has released a new album. The album, titled ‘Penghandja Noshatotwa 02-04 1989’ comprises of liberation songs that are featured mostly on the events of the battles of Enghandja and Oshatotwa.
The battles happened from April 2 to 4 in 1989, at the said villages when People Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) combatants locked horns with apartheid South African army personnel shortly after the implementation of UN resolution 435.

“In the album, I have featured names of some people who took part in that battle,” he told Confidente.
According to Ambambi, he decided to work on the album to honour the gallant sons and daughters of the land who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Namibia.
The album, which has 10 songs features former PLAN combatants such as business mogul Dr Banda Shilimela and Samwel Tashiya Mumbala as well as Elia Shafodino ‘Omukomonisi’ Ambambi among others and narrates the battles which started on Sunday April 2 1989.
The songs on the album include Aakwiita ne yo PLAN, Ehafoondinamenimomutima, Etangalyetulyokakulumbwati, Ndjilayekondjelomanguluko, Onda li ndakomandwa, Oohailwatulumukweni, Pefimboliitaotwali among others.
Ambambi is a gifted spiritual song composer and singer, who has been in the musical scene for three decades now. A talented piano and guitar player, he has released over 100 spiritual albums and has many choirs across the country.
He is currently busy with the process of recording the over 2 000 songs found in the hymn book.
“My aim is to release at least two albums a month from the hymn book,” he told this publication.
Businessman Shilimela sponsored the album, ‘Penghandja Noshatotwa 02-04 1989’ and it was produced and mastered by northern producer King Mex.