Mujoro files defamation charges over rigging allegations

By Maria Kandjungu

THE CEO of the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) Theo Mujoro has lodged a case of defamation of character against a certain Justice Veii, following the release of an audio clip of the latter accusing Mujoro of having had access to a master computer that allowed him to rig the election.

In the 4.10 minute audio clip of Veii, recorded by himself and sent to a certain Mekondjo, Veii who claims to be an IT guru, can be heard telling Mekondjo to tell people to arrest Mujoro and collect the motherboard and computer system from ECN, which allegedly contains proof that Mujoro manipulated the results of the November election. Veii insisted that he has it on good authority that Mujoro manipulated the results because he was promised a golden handshake.

Mujoro on Wednesday confirmed to Confidente that he had indeed filed a complaint with the police, as he felt it was time for him to stand up against libellous allegations made against him.

“I want this shameless man to state every word he says on the tape in a court of law. He will be an example to all the people out there accusing me for personally manipulating election results and orchestrating a vote rigging scheme by having super access to some computer systems I don’t even know. Let’s see who will end up in jail between the two of us,” Mujoro fumed.

Mujoro filed the case in his personal capacity after being at the centre of a post-election storm as a result of opposition parties, presidential candidate and members of the public questioning and challenging the outcomes of the election.

“Since the end of our elections, I have been suffering on a daily basis, personal insults, hatred and even death threats directed at me personally precisely because of these types of fabrications and lies,” Mujoro added.

Veii, who is said to have previously worked at the Lüderitz Town Council but is now retired, can be heard telling his friend that he has more information on Mujoro coming through and that this he said should be the “endgame” for Mujoro, who should be charged with corruption and spend at least 10 years in prison.

“You know me and my experience in the IT department … look at my age and my experience. I know that this was rigged … There was a front entirely to change the information,” Veii says in the audio.

He further alleged that Mujoro has no IT experience and would not have known that his manipulation of the system can be tracked, as for every entry, the time when information is entered onto the system is recorded, with the email address and other details (metadata) of the person entering the data. The digital trail would presumably make it easy for the courts to prove that manipulation of the data took place.

“These things are known… If people are smart, they will listen to me and they will go and arrest Mujoro because this guy has a super user status of the (software) programme that these Indians wrote. I have been in this for a long time, I know these things.

“Even the IP address, you get it from this person and he is the only one who has this information. Mujoro is of course promised a golden handshake if he rigged this information and he is not a smart person, he is not an IT person and he would not know these things.”

He said: “Mujoro must be charged for corruption, he must sit at least in prison for 10 years. With Mujoro here that is game over my friend and things are becoming very very bad. I got some information coming through, I hear its becoming hot at the ECN,” Veii said in the audio.

The police have confirmed investigating the complaint against Veii.