Multichoice Namibia, Power TV launches Big Five TV show

By Martha Nangombe

IN the world of cinema, it’s all about lights, camera, action and cut! These four words can transform audiences into new worlds and emotions, and they are the mantra of film directors striving to create exceptional motion pictures that can compete on the global stage. Over the years, Namibia has steadily asserted its presence whenever conversations turn to films of international calibre. Multichoice Namibia and Power TV Zambia have launched a new television programme highlighting Namibian talent to build on this growing recognition. Every week, ‘Namibia Big Five’ will present the top five most popular songs from Namibia, and two future hit predictions from upcoming artists will also be included in the presentation.

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MultiChoice Namibia Managing Director Roger Gertze said the launch will aid in the identification of indigenous talent as well as the creation of opportunities for artists. “We believe that Namibians have world-class content that the rest of Africa will finally get to see.

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Power TV, one of Zambia’s top local music and content choices, is the perfect fit to take Namibia to the world. Namibia has an amazing music industry, and through this initiative and our local partner, Energy 100 FM, we can help identify talent and create avenues for them to showcase their craft,” Gertze said. Namibian viewers will be encouraged to determine which songs are the most popular by voting on social media for the songs they want to see the following week by simply following Power TV Zambia on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on ‘Namibia Big Five’.

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