Murderer turns preacher

• By Hertta-Maria Amutenja

CONVICTED murderer Chris Jones who is serving a half a century sentence has turned to God and has become a preacher in prison.

In an exclusive interview with Confidente 43-year-old Jones who has served 16 years off his 50 years sentence, told this newspaper that he only felt repentant seven years after committing the heinous crime.

“For years I was not remorseful or felt any regret for the crimes I had committed. I then took a decision upon myself and repented in 2009. Since then I have given my life to God and I always say ‘I am so glad I came to prison because I met my best friend, Jesus Christ, here’.  I have found peace in myself and Jesus, my best friend gives me hope every day.

“I was not coping well for years in the prison since my arrest but I have since I repented and have been having peaceful sleep with no stress at all. When you let God into your life you never be stressed, all you will have is peace in your life,” said Jones.

The convicted killer, who is now a pastor in prison, said he enjoys preaching and sharing the gospel with fellow inmates.


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