Mushe back with Ongula Nom’tenya

• By Rosalia David

AWARD-WINNING musician Mushe Uulenga will be releasing an album titled Ongula Nom’tenya at the end of this month starting a music video release today.

In an interview with Confidente this week, the artist who has been MIA from the music industry after releasing an album titled ‘I am Cota Mushe’ in 2019 said he is now back in full swing promising ‘matured, good’ music.

“I am back on the music scene now working on my album and I will be dropping a teaser on Friday, a music video shot indoors just to refresh people’s minds before the actual project is launched. Ninety percent of the songs on the project are done,” he said.

Apart from the album, Mushe said he has also worked on three music videos that will be released after the album launch.

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“We finished shooting one last night, the aim is to also drop the videos after the launch to promote the album,” he added.

Explaining the reason behind his one-year music break, Mushe said he had turned to business fulltime as music was not producing enough money.

“The last time I released music was in 2019. It was just a realisation that I had to do something different to survive and as much as I am back, I am still pushing my poultry business.

“Music wasn’t going well. People would not buy original CDs but rather make copies which had brought a challenge, so even if you print CDs they were not being sold but the music is playing everywhere,” he stressed further.

He said the issue of CD sales declining somewhat further discouraged him from making music.
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With the new album coming out, Mushe said he will try his utmost best to remain consistent.
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“We are back with a new strategy. The plan is to make good music that will open up doors for bookings.

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The more bookings you get, the more money you make,” he said.

Asked on the experience working on this comeback album, Mushe said being back in the studio feels ‘thrilling’ adding that he had been craving to make music for some time now.