Mushe to unleash ‘I’m CotaMushe’

By Rosalia David

AWARD winning artist Albert Uulenga, also known as Mushe, will be unleashing his 16-track album titled ‘I’m CotaMushe’ on 28 November in Ondangwa, followed by a road show to promote the anticipated offering.

The artist, who went solo a few years ago after leaving the duo which consisted of him and his longtime friend Exit, described the upcoming album as the best project he has ever worked on. “This album is more matured and the quality of mixing and mastering of the album is on a different level with a touch of ‘Kallo on the beat’.

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It is the best art ever from me,” he said.

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On the upcoming project, he worked with the bilingual music whizz Kalux to add some Damara punch flavour to the album, as well as Kwaito artist Tulisan to capture a more diverse crowd. He also featured artists, such as sensational singer Neslow and Tequila, as well as VDK, Buju Katyoko, Crazyboy and his friend, the 2019 award winning artist Exit.

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Asked what makes his upcoming album distinct from all his previous projects, he said it would somehow serve as a reminder to those who doubted his capabilities. “I became CotaMushe, the matured man from the young Mushe and I’m simply here to remind people about my capabilities behind my name.”

The artist, who took a one-year break from the industry before releasing his sixth album, further expressed his excitement to be releasing ‘I’M CotaMushe’, saying it is a moving meditation on life.

He mentioned that it took him a lot of time holed up in the studio to make sure he gives his fans and music lovers in general an unforgettable album. The much talked about album was produced by this year’s NAMAs best producer Chronic, Andrew, VDK, Crazy boy, Kallo on the beat, and by his own record label M-Records.

Apart from being a musician, the ‘if you know, you know’ kind of guy is also known for his various business endeavours, from owning shebeens to running a chicken business.

Pressed on how he manages to balance his time between the business and the music, he said, “It’s not that easy, because business takes more of my time and I love music. So I try my best to work smart and this is why I brought in the best promoter (January Ivula) to take care of my musical career.

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In conclusion, he confirmed that he intends to enter the NAMAs 2020 contest: “Of course I will enter, I need to give them a farewell with some good music as an appreciation for what they have done well in the music industry.”