Music academy fosters artistic growth of youth

• By Staff Reporter

THE Thetardius Music Academy is fostering the artistic growth of Namibian youth to trapeze into a better future.

About ten youngsters, including learners, out-of-school, and employed youth, participated in the brass music workshop held from 18 to 19 June in Windhoek.   

The free workshop equipped youth with skills in music theory, rhythmic exercise, fingering techniques as well as individual and band playing.

“The aim is to reach communities where people with a passion for music do not have access to formal training, and we nurture them,” said Thetardius Munjanu, founder of the academy.

Participants lauded the workshop for bridging artistic skills deficits.

Twapa Klemens, a participant, started playing the trumpet three years ago but derailed along the way.

She was looking for a platform to improve, and the just-concluded workshop came to her aid.

“This training helped polish my skills, which I will apply to advance my vocation as an artist and play my trumpet professionally,” she said.

Moreover, the training also incorporated life skills to expose the aspiring artists to personal and fraternity professional ethos.

“Another key aspect is our commitment to combat drug and alcohol abuse rampant among youth,” Munjanu added.

Accordingly, the youth could more than transcend from introductory and intermediate levels, but 17-year-old Devin Buruxa Nasab, who sought to recuperate after a two-year hiatus from music, said he gained more valuable skills than just playing musical instruments.

“I learned self-discipline, ethics and integrity, which will help me in my personal development going forward,” Nasab.

According to Munjanu, the academy’s training and services are not limited to youth. Founded in 2014, the academy has also capacitated adults, upcoming artists, and church groups in various parts of Namibia.

“This is to ensure quality music production at all levels and environments,” he said.   

In the meantime, the academy has established strategic partnerships with key institutions and fellow artists to empower more people and foster community artistic growth.

“For this workshop, we collaborated with renowned artist Björn Roxin, who took some time out of his schedule to work with the students. The Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre also supported the workshop,” Munjanu concluded. 

Participants during the brass music workshop hosted by the Thetardius Music Academy from 18 to 19 June in Windhoek.