Music outside the box

By Rosalia David

THREE musicians popularly known as Arthur Daka, Waters and Toivo are determined to unlock their potential in the midst of Covid-19 performing in front of different restaurants in Windhoek.

Last week, the three individuals set up and played at Isabelle’s restaurant on Saturday and at Cramer’s on Sunday performing songs that impressed both diners and passersby.

In an interview with Confidente, Daka who started busking alone last year to promote his art said performing for a crowd that craves for therapeutic music has been amazing.

“People are quite generous. When I started, I would say that people were quite supportive. When they heard the music they would stop and listen. While restaurant owners were also keen in having me there although the bookings were slow when I was alone,” he said.

Daka’s busking journey started last year and he later asked Waters and Toivo to join him.

Waters is a neo soul artist while Toivo does Amapiano music.

With Daka being a percussionist, he said he believed that getting the other two musicians on board would make a great combo.

“Both are two talented musicians and Waters is more established with a following so I was like let us do these weekend sessions together,” he said.

Asked on how the experience have been so far, Daka added that his music journey started with the assistance of Lize Ehlers who taught him a few tricks in making it in the industry.

He said the songstress was one of the first few people to give him a platform to perform at Song Night.

Although the busking journey kicked off well, Daka lamented that things were now slowing down due to Covid-19 as more people are no longer keen on going out more.

“We get a lot of feedback and some people would literally prefer to sit at the restaurant where we are performing to just relax and listen to good music.”

He went on to say that, when they are not booked by the restaurant owners they sometimes manage to collect a few dollars from those passing by.

“Some people will be taking a stroll in town and hear the music from far and come where we are to support us because we try to give them a unique sound that they hardly hear.”

Daka further acknowledged the assistance of Namibia’s live performance music group ‘The Ells’ who he said also contributed to them making the street performances worthwhile.