Musicians rush to meet NAMAs deadline

By Rosalia David

OVER 50 Namibian artists from across the country rushed to the Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (NASCAM) recently to register their latest albums with the aim of qualifying for the Namibian Annual Awards (NAMAS) before the 2020 deadline. This comes after the NAMAs organisers announced the last date of album releases to be registered to qualify for the 2020 music awards.

According to NASCAM chief executive officer John Max, the organisation received a huge number of new released music albums during the last few months up to 29 November that were to be registered for CD copyright protection and for confirmation of the due date of album release dates to meet the NAMAs final submission date.

A few local producers also confirmed the whoosh of album releases saying that there were those who made bookings the Friday morning to complete their projects on time.

Local Producer ‘Mr Andrew on the Beat’ said, “There were artists who recorded songs to be added to their albums on Friday morning just to go register them at NASCAM the same day. Some songs won’t even be valuable after the NAMAs but there are those who worked on their albums in advanced.”

Award winning producer Chronics also mentioned that albums were rushed last week as the NAMAs ‘album release deadline’ approached.

“I think the MTC announced the date very late, so, artists were pressured to have their albums registered on time which somehow compromised our quality of work as well, that’s why most musicians didn’t even enter. The date was too close,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Mr Glo revelaed that a few artists kept blowing up his phone to book for studio sessions but could not avail himself as he was busy working on Visible Talent Namibia lastweek.

“I had people calling but not to work on songs from scratch but to polish the album for the deadline. My advice to artists is, work on your art with time and don’t release songs for anything else than your people,” he said.

Max applauded the artists who registered their new albums, saying they should indeed continue prioritising the registering of their music.

“Last week Friday, we have noted a number of songwriters that submitted their new CDs for copyright protection registration and that would confirm that they have released their songs on time to meet the requirements for the … awards competition. NASCAM will therefore encourage this trend to continue.”

He added that it shows that the music industry is heading in the right direction and therefore encouraged all music stations in the country to use more local content rather than foreign music to influence the Namibian public to love and continue developing an interest in local music.

“The Namibian Annual Music Awards has been driving an initiative to promote and encourage creativity in the music industry, the same applies to the different radio and TV stations that have increased the usage of local musical content on their stations. Please buy our artists’ original music CDs or through legitimate platforms,” he said.

NASCAM is a collective management organization that administers the rights of musicians with the main objective of registering members and protecting the artists’ copyright to their works.

It aims to register and license all music produced in the country and to collecting royalties, or fees from those playing music to audiences and distributes such royalties to their members and sister organisations, while fighting against all forms of piracy and copyright infringement in Namibia.