Muslim society donates food amid Covid-19

By Maria Hamutenya

THE Muslim society has donated food parcels to 100 underprivileged people of the Tobias Hainyeko constituency as a part of their efforts to help fight Covid-19 during the lockdown.

Confidente understands that the society will donate more food parcels in the course of the week.

The donation was made following pleas by Swapo Secretary General, Sophia Shaningwa for the society to join in the Covid-19 fight through assistance to vulnerable communities.

The parcels had about 10 items including a 3kg of macaroni, 2kg rice, 1kg instant porridge, 2kg sugar, packets of soup, 750ml cooking oil and 2.5kg fat cake flour among other basic necessities.

“This time is about all of us having hearts and taking care for each other. We will donate 100 more parcels tomorrow. Please those that got parcels today, please give others a chance,” Shaningwa said adding that this food is to save Namibian lives irrespective of ethnicity, tribal, political and religious affiliation.

This week, President Hage Geingob extended the lockdown period by a further two weeks until May 4.

“As stated in my first statement on Covid-19, the Health of Namibians remains the first priority. Covid-19 is not only a threat to the lives of the Namibian People and the public health system, but it also bears secondary negative economic impacts on businesses, including jobs and livelihoods. Our key priority has been and shall remain the curbing the spread of the disease,” he said.

Geingob went on to say that the current prohibition relating to certain operations and closure of certain business activities have been revisited to allow for the opening of informal trading and open markets, subject to strict hygiene, social distancing and limit of gathering.

The ministry of Urban and Rural Development has been tasked to implement the modalities and enforce full compliance.

“As I have done over the past difficult weeks, I call on all Namibians to remain calm, to cooperate with the authorities in order to ensure that public order is not compromised. Allow the authorities to work unhindered and do not provoke them unduly.

“I also urge law enforcement to demonstrate professionalism by operating within the law. Generally, I am encouraged by what I  have observed so far. I appeal to all Namibians to respect the Regulations and measures in place to curb the spread of the virus. The pandemic we face today is unprecedented, but I am confident that by working collaboratively, we will respond effectively to minimize the spread of the virus and restore the health of those affected and restart our economic activities,” further stated Geingob.