Musongo makes his literary debut

By Rosalia David and Maria Hamutenya

IMMANUEL Musongo, a fifth-year medical student at the UNAM School of Medicine is one of those who spend most of their spare time exploring their hidden talents.

The 24 year-old student launched his debut book, titled ‘Winning Season’ on 30 November, which he says he completed in about six months on top of his hectic study schedule. Musongo described the book as inspired by what people go through on a daily basis.

Adding that it is a tool to take readers from A to Z and provide guidance, to equip readers with knowledge on how to overcome obstacles and hurdles on their journey to success.

“I want leaders to leave with knowledge.

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Where there is a will, there is a way.

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We all make time for our hobbies.

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I refused to use my busy schedule as an excuse. Studying and writing a book at the same time may be hard but it was a passion that I needed to put out there,” he said.

He started writing in February and completed the work by August, even though he has been nurturing the idea of writing a book for ages.

Musongo further explained that the first few chapters offer a basic understanding that helps readers practise what one needs when embarking on “the winning journey”.

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The book talks about issues of med sets, interpersonal skills, subconscious mind, before it goes into details of a winning mindset and explaining in detail how one can lay the foundations to get into that winning season.

As to why his book is unique, he said, “Although there are so many other books out there aiming to empower young people what sets ‘Winning season’ apart from so many others is that the book is locally bred and sets relatable scenes that are understandable to every young Namibian person.”

He believes his book can make a huge impact on Namibian youth as they can easily relate to it.

“It touches on issues that we are able to understand and offers guidelines that are cultural and socially acceptable to the Namibian community. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I’m not stopping here though, because more books are still on the way and I would say that the support has been so overwhelming, especially among the youth, which is a huge encouragement to continue writing.”

He further said that for a first time writer, it has been a learning curve and urged all aspiring local authors to write books, despite the challenges and the economic recession everyone is crying about.

It was our first time, so we really don’t have anything to compare this experience to but we appreciate every little support we have gotten so far. If you have dreams, go for it. We care too much about what people say and starting up capital. The support has been good,” he noted.

“There are many people who have reached out to me, especially through social media asking for the book.

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We appreciate it,” he said. Winning Season can be obtained at or through local bookstores.