MVA Fund promotes pedestrian safety

• By Confidente Reporter

MVA Corporate Communication and Stakeholder Relations Manager Hilaria Graig has emphasised the significance of road safety as schools restart following the winter holiday.

Graig said MVA Fund continues to promote school-based road safety through scholar patrols and school activations at various schools nationwide.

These activities, he said, include safety measures such as advocating for the reduction of speed limits around school zones to 30 km/h and the deployment of community road safety marshals at high-risk schools to mitigate crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities of learners.

“With the winter school holiday ending and most schools reopening, the Fund conducts regular pedestrian safety interventions at schools along highways where we educate learners on the safe way to cross the road. Pedestrian safety remains a priority for the MVA Fund, especially after pedestrian-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities recorded the highest numbers from January to mid-July,” she said.

According to the Fund’s year-to-date (January 01 to July 11) statistics, 71 pedestrians lost their lives in 443 crashes, while 415 sustained various injuries.

Furthermore, statistics show that pedestrian-related crashes declined by 22 percent, injuries by 20 percent and fatalities by 21 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

“The Khomas Region experienced a decline of 17 percent in pedestrian-related crashes from 47 percent in 2022 to 44 percent recorded in 2023. Pedestrian-related crashes in the Erongo Region experienced an increase of 16 percent from 9 percent in 2022 to 11 percent in 2023,” she highlighted.

Graig said the MVA Fund and other stakeholders continue to take a holistic approach to road safety encompassing engineering, education, enforcement, and engagement.

“It is, therefore, our philosophy that all four facets should be addressed to improve pedestrian safety, including children’s safety when using the road. Children’s safety is a shared responsibility between the parents or guardians, teachers, and the community. Schools can promote road safety by designating appropriate areas, such as parking lots, for the loading and offloading of learners, while parents can ensure the usage of such areas. Parents and schools are also requested to help children develop road safety skills that will encourage them to become independent and responsible road users,” she said.

As an organisation dedicated to preserving life, Graig said the Fund will continue implementing road safety interventions to make roads safer for everyone as mandated by its governing Act.

“The MVA Fund once again reminds the public to report crashes to the MVA Fund Accident Response Number 9682, as doing so can save a life,” she said.

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