My take on NAMAs 2020 nomination

Rosalia David

THE nominees for the 2020 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) have just been announced and it is jam-packed with new kids on the block.

Over the years, we have seen the same faces winning over and over again but this time around MTC made it a point to give a chance to deserving artists who are not only new to the music scene but have worked hard to make sure their music is worth a listen.

The announced list has predictably stirred up heated debate on social media and many have raised eyebrows questioning who a few of the nominated artists are, since they probably expected to see more of the same people nominated again.

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However, I believe that the judges chose the nominees perfectly well, with no sign of favouritism or any sort of backroom deals done.

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This time it is all about the talent.

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I am sure many would agree that there are artists that have been nominated but we’ve not heard of them before, but when one actually searches for their music to give it a listen, the quality of their music speaks for itself.

Sometimes, we have to appreciate good music from those we hardly know or are not friends.

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Even the most popular artists of old times release crappy music at times but we end up jumping to it anyways, so, as a music lover take some time and appreciate music recorded by the ‘unknowns’.

Surely, everyone was looking forward to walking away with a ‘buyout’ package from the NAMAs 2020 finale but MTC just burst a few musicians’ bubbles.

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Although we have seen a couple of new well-known names topping the nomination list, we should tip our hats to KP Illest, PDK and Ethnix for their sheer determination to break into the music scene as they have been consistent in delivering quality music despite not being nominated or recognized at times.

This proves that consistency, hard work and determination eventually pay off.

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Congratulations to all the nominees and may the best one win.