Nally drops stunning video

By Rosalia David

JOSEPH Simson better known as Nally last week dropped incredible visuals for his song titled ‘Number one’

Speaking to Confidente after the music video launch, Nally described the reception of the new video as ‘bigger and better’ compared to his previous offerings.

“In just one day the video has received more than 1 000 views, numbers in a day I usually don’t do,” he said.

Asked on what inspired the theme and storyline of the video, Nally said, the script of the video was written by young entrepreneur Renate Shikongo who fell in love with the song at inception.

“She loved the song the minute she heard it… All those scenes one sees first played in her head and it was because of how much she loves the song.

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She had to put it in writing for me to understand it,” he added.

To bring out a quality product, Nally said he worked with three different creatives.

Describing the shooting experience, Nally said it was amazing and not easy at the same time.

“Most of the things were new to me compared to how I was used to doing it.

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It was the first time I worked with three different people and I first had to learn how they work and what they needed me to do with their contributions to the video … the three were the director, stylist and choreographer.”

He explained that the song Number One talks about a person’s struggles in life.

“I made sure everyone could relate to it, how we face so many obstacles in our life journey but we still overcome if we keep our eyes on the prize,” he added.

The song also highlights the economic situation people currently find themselves in and puts emphasis on how powerful the youth could be if they unite against ‘corrupt government officials’ who are making selfish decisions that are affecting everyone.

Nally further said, now that the video is out and making waves, music lovers and fans should be on the lookout for more fireworks.

“I will keep trying to surpass my previous work and that can only mean one thing, better music and the best hub for entertainment. My space is one to look out for,” he added.