Nally to invade Bonfire Acoustic Session

By Rosalia David 

MUSICIAN Joseph Simson better known as Nally will be taking the stage at the second phase of the ‘Bonfire acoustic session’ at Garden Inn on Friday. 
With local artists currently under financial distress as over 90 percent of their shows or gigs are cancelled, musicians are now back on stage trying to navigate the ‘new normal’ while taking safety precautions. 
Speaking to the ‘Owina’ hitmaker, Nally said he is excited to finally be back on stage after a long time while promising an amazing night that will blow music lovers away. 
“People should expect nothing but good music, the type of sound that no one does. I have this nice style, not to sound cocky but they say people want to see you believe in yourself before they believe in you and I am doing just that,” he said. 
Bonfire Acoustic Night is a weekly event that takes place at Garden Inn featuring various guests, and Nally’s episode serves as the second season of the popular online live performance show titled, ‘Therapy Session’. 
The first session featured talented duo Ethnix with many music lovers flocking to the venue to enjoy a night of good music and drinks after being under lockdown for some time. 
Nally who is thrilled about his upcoming performance said he will be performing some of his former hit songs such as ‘Be Mine’. 
Touching base on his upcoming musical projects, Nally revealed that he is working on a new album which he hopes to release in August. 
“I think my album is finally done and I have made up mind on when I can actually release it. I might drop it in August but the date might change. I am quite confused on when exactly to drop it but its definitely coming out this year,” he noted. 
Apart from juggling between the release date and the amount of songs to have on the album, Nally said he is also struggling on the title of the upcoming project. 
“I am a bit uncertain about the title of the album but currently I am thinking of naming it Number One with the tagline of Taly Oshilongo Nokati,” he revealed. 
Early this year, he released an 18-track EP titled ‘The Unorthodox Entry’ with songs such as ‘Say Things’ and ‘Katrina’ going viral. 
On the ‘The Unorthodox Entry’ album, he featured a talented musician named King Elegant and worked with producers such as Mr Andrew and Kizz Daniel.