NAM- CHARCOAL makes head waves in the USA

• By Vitalio Angula

Charcoal is used for medicinal purposes and as an additive in toothpastes and beauty products for women so the question we should ask is if it is sustainable for Namibian charcoal to be exported in raw form and promoted as only good for braais,” Awala said.

Environmentally conscious consumers in the United States market have given Namibian charcoal the nod for its “green” attributes which include sustainable de-bushing.

In a press release issued by the US Embassy in Namibia on Wednesday, the United States Agency for International Development’s Southern Africa Trade and Investment Hub announced that it had facilitated the sale of over 1000 metric tons of Namibian Charcoal to The Good Charcoal Company, an American outfit currently involved in the feeding of thousands food insecure Americans across the country.

According to its website, “The Good Charcoal Company is partnering with local communities across the US to support and sponsor free weekly barbeques for people experiencing food insecurity”.


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