Nam envoy counts benefits from China

Namibia’s ambassador to China, Elia Kaiyamo, described the diplomatic relationship between the two countries as an opportunity to learn from each other.
Kaiyamo praised China’s support for Namibia but underscored the importance of understanding the origins of this relationship, which dates back to 1965.

Kaiyamo said while China is looking for more investments, Namibia has been able to negotiate for export opportunities.
He noted that Namibia is the only country that supplies beef to China.
“The Chinese authorities approved the export of beef from Namibia. This underscores China’s high regard for Namibia’s beef industry,” he said.

Kaiyamo said Namibia has been supplying beef to China since 2019, with the first shipment consisting of 21 tons.
China’s most significant investment in Africa is the Husab uranium mine in Namibia.
“China is actively opening other uranium and lithium mines and investing in Namibia to develop these resources,” he said.
China has constructed parts of Namibia’s harbour, airport, and several roads and buildings in line with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to improve interconnectivity.

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