Nam Jive releases dance video

By Rosalia David

NAMIBIAN music group ‘Nam Jive’ has released a dance video titled ‘My Laitie’ featuring Maskateers.

The music video was released last weekend and currently stands at more than 11 000 views.

In an interview with Confidente, one of Nam Jive founders and the executive producer of the video Ricardo Xolani said the video was inspired by the old Namibian song ‘Bakuten’ sang by legendary icons Damara Dik Ding, Kekez and Balu.

Coming from a dancing background, Xolani said his dream was to always give back to those who aspire to become dancers hence investing in the current music videos for musicians under Nam Jive.

“I was a dancer named Vincent LasteHond when I was younger and used to groove to it and got inspired and told myself one day I am going to do the same but my intention was to give back to the greats and the whole nation but mostly focusing on inspiring the youth. It was a dream I manifested and so it has come to life,” Xolani explained.

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Nam Jive is a company established in 2017 to promote Namibian dancers and is also a clothing brand.

He added that Nam Jive now gives opportunities to individual dancers as well.

Xolani said the company has been promoting dancers ever since its establishment as the local industry hardly recognises those doing that form of art.

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He went on to say that, dancing in Namibia is not respected enough compared to other industries.

“People think dancing is a hobby and that is why we are hard at work to promote this video because these artists are not just dancers but performing acts as well,” he added.

Xolani further expressed gratitude towards those supporting their movement saying that the video received positive feedback.

“Within two days we reached 10k views on social media platforms. Our next move is to give back in charity especially during the pandemic once we are ready.

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Every little assistance is better than nothing,” he said.

Touching base on how Nam Jive was created, Xolani said it all started as a dance company and they worked with different creatives from South Africa such as Chillibite Entertainment and Soweto’s Finest.

“We made competitions to enhance and promote our business till recently due to the pandemic. But we work in fields where we can. Work never ends no matter the challenge,” Xolani concluded.

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