NAMDIA donates hardware worth over N$50 000 to One Economy


Namibia Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) demonstrated its commitment towards social responsibility by donating a television and desktop computer valued at N$60 000 to the One Economy Foundation.

The money will go towards developing the #Befree Youth Complex in Katutura, which is under construction.

Speaking during her visit to NAMDIA’s Eumbo offices, First Lady (FLON), Monica Geingos underlined the importance of good education and healthcare in building a pleasant upbringing.

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She also emphasised the significance of preventing trauma in youth and helping them gain confidence.

“Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is critical to positively impacting society. While supporting causes such as education and healthcare is critical, it is also essential in eliminating unemployment. Employers may make a huge difference in their employees’ lives by investing in their development and well-being,” Geingos noted.

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NAMDIA’s Public Relations and Communications Officer, Beverley Coussement explained how the donation coincides with the First Lady’s philanthropic principles.

“The One Economy Foundation’s work resonates with the focus on giving back and driving the economy. The First Lady’s dedication drove the decision to donate the television and desktop computer to make a difference. Instead of a personalised present, the NAMDIA team believed that a significant contribution to the #Befree Youth Complex would be more important to the First Lady,” she explained.

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