Namibia cannot afford dead-end TVETs-Murangi

BY Erasmus Shalihaxwe

MINISTER of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Itah Kandji-Murangi has encourage the new Namibia Training Authority (NTA) board to take vocational training to the highest levels and make it an engine for national manufacturing and industralisation drive.

Kandji-Murangi this week appointed a new NTA board which consist of Jerome Mutumba as chairperson with Ester Hoveka as the deputy chairperson and ordinary members are Cliff Olivier, Eva Fritz-Tomas, Tangeni Nghiwewelekwa, Elizabeth Kamutuezu and Edward Kafita.

The minister implored the board to upgrade the Vocational Education Training sector to enable graduates to create new enterprises capable of creating employment which in turn will grow the country’s economy and improve the livelihood of Namibians.

She said that government has embarked on a costly exercise of taking the foot print of TVET to all the 14 regions by building TVET centers where there is nothing.

“Besides physical expansion which will increase access to education, government wants to see TVET centers taking the lead in manufacturing – through production hubs of quality finished products and commodities for us to use and sale in and outside the boarders of Namibia.

For instance, how can we operationalise some value chains and reduce dependence. We want the TVET programs to be well aligned to the new emerging economic growth areas in Namibia,” said Kandji-Murangi.