Namibia Creative Summit: Unlocking the Developmental Agenda of Namibian Creative Sector

By Martha Nangombe

Mindscape Events Namibia is set to host the inaugural Namibia Creative Summit, which will bring together creatives and foster investment in the creative arts industry.

The Namibia Creative Summit prioritises education, trade, industrialisation, and essential infrastructure to support the creative sector. The summit’s theme, “The Economy of Talents: Unlocking the Developmental Agenda of the Namibian Creative Sector and Its Contribution to the Economy,” underscores its focus on the economic impact of creative talents.

The summit will feature a series of focused areas, including Policy Dialogues and Strategy Sessions. Engaging panel discussions with policymakers, industry experts, and creative entrepreneurs will address crucial topics such as policy frameworks, funding mechanisms, regulatory challenges, and growth strategies. These sessions aim to enhance the distribution, accessibility, and viability of Namibian creative products.

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