Namibia paper recycling plant hits funding wall

By Kaipaherue Kandjii

A plan to set up a paper recycling plant in the Omaheke region has hit a stumbling block due to a lack of funding.

The founder of the firm, Namibia Pulp Paper, Hiskia Tjatjitua, has secured funds from commercial Banks, in principle, but has yet to garner approximately N$ 24 million as his contribution to conclude the deal.

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Tjatjitua approached various entities, including politicians, to solicit support, but to no avail, and now fears losing the pledge of monetary support from the lenders.

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Namibia, to date, has no such plant and imports much of its paper from South Africa and elsewhere.

The financing challenge is a result of colonially adopted regulatory frameworks adopted by all capital financing institutions requiring a 30% contribution from the businesses. 

“I explored the idea further of producing raw material from waste papers and converting toilet paper and paper-related products when I visited factories in India and South Africa that are producing these products. This was an eye-opener for an opportunity unexploited here in Namibia. In 2003, I also, through the assistance of the government, went to Angola, touring paper product manufacturing companies and familiarising myself with the operations of the paper converting industry,” said Tjatjitua.

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