Namibia should adopt foreign policy against global sports bullies

By Petrus Shapumba

IT was encouraging to learn that the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) sympathises with innocent Russian athletes caught in the tug of war of the Western/American and Russian global feud.

The banning of Russian athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is merely an imperialist agenda by the Western/American forces against innocent Russian athletes and the Namibian government must take a stand to condemn such victimisation as this could happen to any other African country.

The Namibian government must back NNOC and speak out against WADA’s unfairness against Russian athletes because the same victimisation could happen to Namibian athletes.

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Innocent athletes that have been affected by the ban will now not be able to take part in sports for the next four years for alleged doping.

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The ban means that Russia as a country will not be allowed to partake at next year’s Olympic Games, the 2025 world championships, Beijing Winter Olympic Games scheduled for 2022 due to an alleged years-long cheating scheme that has tarnished sports, rendering Russia a sports pariah and has exacerbated tension between Moscow and the West.

Namibia must stand behind Russian athletes against such unfair punishment and form solidarity with their Russian counterparts.
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It was a sense of boldness and encouragement to learn for the NNOC president Abner Xoagub who stood up against sports bullying by the Western power. He said: “We should understand the principles of WADA as we all realise that not all athletes were part of the doping. We have sympathy for those innocent athletes.

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  Russian athletics federation, WADA and the Russian government needed to sit down and clear the system on how innocent athletes can participate not as Russians but as a refugee team because under IOC there is a refugee team.  The Russia government could have also come in and assisted the Russian athletics federation financially”.

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s decision to impose a total ban on all Russian athletes from participating in international sporting events has no substantial evidence and is merely based on assumptions. It is also totally politicised since WADA is dominated by representatives of western countries that strive to isolate Moscow in the international arena for its independent foreign policy.

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This policy is aimed at supporting the fundamental principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs of independent states. But the West is trying to impose its own world order based on its dominance.

The above-mentioned unfair decision of WADA against Russian athletes should be strongly condemned.

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WADA’s bullying tactics and threats have the potential of being extended to other vulnerable countries if left unchallenged.
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WADA should immediately repeal its decision. All international sporting authorities should express their solidarity with Russia by supporting this demand.