Namibian celebs – getting high just to get by

Rosalia David

OVER the years, we’ve seen Namibian celebrities fall into drug and alcohol abuse for various reasons such as peer pressure, anxiety and the notion that being under the influence will help create a masterpiece.

This has not been the case for many artists, many of whom have fallen from grace or become one hit wonders because of substance abuse, but we all know that the spotlight of the music industry comes with lucrative gigs, crazy fans and immense pressure, and for some local artists it culminated in drug abuse.

Even though there are those who are easily identified or known for exhausting drugs such as cocaine, marijuana (cannabis) remains the most common drug used by local entertainers and it is surely becoming a national concern.

It is also no secret that some local artists are struggling to make a comeback after turning to churches and going back and forth to rehab centres. However, they say, a very anxious creative person may get some benefit from cannabis.

In calming them down, it could help their creativity,” as said.

“But for someone who’s already in the zone, and who’s not too anxious to work, it might push them into a place of being too laid back and lose focus.

Many of them have a strong work ethic and high drive for success, but when mixed with certain societal pressures and unhealthy relationships, it can definitely lead to a recipe for disaster.

It also seems like when a celebrity’s life is fully exposed and they have limited privacy, it can create an immense amount of stress. Additionally, many struggle with the pressures of fame and the sudden increased wealth.

Perhaps there are those who actually benefitted from taking drugs and alcohol but from my own observation, drugs and alcohol present nothing but a major setback and obstacle to one’s goals.

To top it off, majority of the potheads I have met seemed very delusional and hard-headed, or is it just me?