Namport breaks record with 413 truck haul

By Hilary Mare

THE Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) continues to deliver on its promise of service recording 413 truck visits in one day last week, which seamlessly went through its terminal gates as the trucks were either delivering or picking up cargo from the port terminals.

This is the first of its kind and it bears directly on the efforts and resources invested by the entity in technology. 

Richard Ibwima, manager terminals at Namport, said that the increase of truck visits is attributed to non adherence of vessels to the arrival schedule at the other ports.

He further accredited the achievement of this great milestone to the dedication, teamwork and constant communication among stakeholders who are involved across the value-chain and the timely attendance to all trucks that visited the port.

“We are currently engaged in a semi-gate automated project that will further enhance our efficiencies and better our service offerings to all our port terminal clients and also ensure better planning and in turn serve the trucking community optimally,” he said.

When Namport constructed the new container terminal, which was officially inaugurated in August 2019, the upgrade of operating systems that were to be used at the new terminal was also required, and it is due to this investment in technology that the truckers can be guaranteed smooth, hassle-free and seamless services.

“We are committed to offering continued superior customer service to the trucking community and therefore truckers are encouraged in making use of Namport’s services as the company offers up-to-date facilities and a customer friendly environment at all times,” further stated Ibwima.

Meanwhile, Namport once again welcomed the 335.41 metre-long Maersk Sheerness back at the port of Walvis Bay on November 19.  The vessel sailed from Luanda, Angola heading to Port Klang, Malaysia after discharging 439 containers and loading 2 642 containers at Walvis Bay.

Interesting to note is that one of the gigantic STS cranes was required to conduct 853 moves for the entire operation. This is a first since the acquisition of the STS Cranes in February 2019. In the past, the four STS cranes had only been utilised for operations that required a maximum of 46 moves.

The port is also preparing for the maiden call of the Wide Juliet container vessel. She is expected to arrive this week from Luanda and will be discharging 200 containers. The Wide Juliet which has a carrying capacity of 5380 TEUs will in future be part of the rotation with Walvis Bay as a port of call.

“Since the inauguration of the new container terminal at the port of Walvis Bay in August 2019 the terminal has become a game changer for port business, allowing its capacity to handle container ships with more than 12 metres of draft. The presence of these vessels is testament that the ports authority is well on its way to attaining its vision of becoming the best performing world-class port in Africa,” Namport executive for commercial, Immanuel !Hanabeb said.