NamPost covering destinations

By Confidente Reporter

NamPost is one of Namibia’s leading logistics companies of which courier is its flagship brand, followed by mail and hybrid services.

The company’s courier department focuses mainly on domestic and international express freight while its strong national footprint allows the company to offer domestic services, covering over 60 overnight destinations, delivering freight of different shapes and sizes.

With the aim of availing an opportunity to send documents securely and on an affordable fixed price across the country, in 2012, NamPost Courier introduced its first prepaid product, ‘EasyPack’.

The success of the EasyPack, resulted in the introduction of another product the EasyBox range in July 2019, which was a success.

Through strategic partnerships with alliances, NamPost Courier covers 220 international destinations which allows them to offer competitive rates without compromising service delivery.

The company’s success is attributed by a team which is determined to work hard in ensuring that NamPost offers the best customer service, whilst keeping abreast of innovation through investing in advanced technology.

Despite reaching a few milestones over the years, Covid-19 has negatively impacted the company due to the daily cut off times for courier around the country.

During the time when new regulations were introduced, customers had to endure standing in long queues. However, they have remained patient and loyal to the number one brand.

In this regard, NamPost Courier expresses gratitude to all its customers for being patient throughout Covid-19 curfews and lockdown.

The daily decontamination of the company’s fleet continued throughout lockdown and is currently being maintained along with weekly decontamination of the premises.

The positive side of lockdown was that NamPost Courier continued to operate – moving essential goods throughout the country.

In order to mitigate the unforeseen challenges, customers are given an option to take out parcel insurance as an extra cover to reduce risks.

These are the options:


The Mail function under Mail and Logistics covers bulk/business mail, government mail and remailing. Bulk mail makes up mailing of large numbers of identical printed (circulars/bulletins) items to individual addressees at less than affordable rates, whereas Government mail is official mail sent from an authorised department of government, governmental agency or international organisation. Remailing distributes consolidated mail to individuals.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail, although part of mail, is a separate function where mail is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. Under NamPost Mail & Logistics, it involves digital data being transformed into physical letter items (or vice versa) and distributed to the last mile via NamPost Courier service and or Post Boxes.

Our Services in Short

International door-to-door courier service as per service schedules

Express overnight courier service as per service schedules

Same-day express service as per service schedules

EasyPack1 and 2 perfect for documents up to 2 kilograms

EasyBoxes 3, 4, and 5 suitable for parcels up to 10 kilograms

Furniture transport (household furniture). (This service is a booking service. Please contact customer service for a quote

Economy service (This service is a booking service. Please contact customer service for a quote

Bulk/business mail distribution

Expedited Mail Service

Government mail processing

Remailing services

Hybrid Mail service

Enquiries may be directed to:

Toll free: 0800 444 444