NamScore hosts sports training

By Michael Uugwanga

MINISTER of Sport, Youth and National Service (MoSYNS) Agnes Tjongarero has urged participants who attended the Professional Sports Education Training (PSET) for physical education to meet government half way in advancing sport as stipulated in the 5th National Development Plan.

Tjongarero was speaking in Gobabis while launching the PSET that was attended by physical education teachers, coaches, sport officers and sport coordinators from the region.

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PSET is organised and managed by NamScore Sports Consultancy with the support of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), Department of Marketing and Logistics, Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) and Namibia Schools Sports Union (NSSU).

NamScore was founded in 2018 by renowned former sports commissioner and author Ndeulipula Hamutumwa who is its chairman and was also present alongside NSC chief administrator Freddy Mwiya and NSSU national coordinator Solomon Duiker.

“Our Ministry has endorsed PSET and we encourage participants from schools, sports academies, sports organisations/institutions, sports clubs, and teams to send their sports directors, sport event coordinators, sports coaches, P.

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E teachers, coaches, personal trainers and sports administrators to attend the PSET.

“Thus, declaring the official opening of PSET as part of NamScore Sports Consultancy’s effort to support the Namibian government, in particular the MoSYNS, in attaining our strategic objectives as enshrined in the 5th National Development Plan as we pay attention to the role and professionalisation of sport with the context of NDP5 respectively,” Tjongarero said.

Tjongarero, a former sport administrator herself during her time as president of the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) also said that the training would help the trainees develop sport at grassroots level in identifying much needed talent.

Aqua Sportif was officially launched as a water brand for the sports industry powered by NamScore.

“PSET is oriented to equip the MoSYNS sports officers and coordinators, NSSU regional chairpersons and secretaries, Namibia Sports Commission regional coordinators/ officers and all other participants from different schools, sports academies, sports institutions, sports teams with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential for effective and efficient management of sports through adapting to the environmental contexts in which they operate.

“It is pleasing to hear that NamScore Sports Consultancy offered 14 free scholarships to NSSU Regional Chairpersons to attend the PSET. I am informed that NamScore Sports Consultancy with the help of PSET facilitators has already started making sure that in 2021 PSET will be accredited with NQA,” said Tjongarero.