Nascam Reveals Top Paying Regions and Licensing Gaps in Namibian Music Industry

By Martha Nangombe

The Namibian Society of Composers and Authors of Music (Nascam) recently revealed insights into the country’s music industry, stating that Hardap, Kharas, and Erongo regions emerge as the leading contributors to music licensing fees, showcasing a commendable commitment to supporting local musicians compared to other regions.

A fundamental contrast emerges among the over 30 broadcasters operating within Namibia, with only 12 holding valid music licenses.  Nascam’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Albert Nikanor, expressed concerns as the revelation underscores a significant gap in licensing compliance within the broadcasting sector, potentially depriving artists of rightful compensation for their creative works.

“We have so many broadcasters operating in the country that do not adhere to the rules and are not licence and we have been lenient with them long enough but things will change moving forward as it is unacceptable,” Nikanor said. 

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