National Assembly adopts environmental levy amendments

By Confidente Reporter

THE National Assembly has adopted the amendments to the Government Gazette on the Imposition of Environment levy on lubricant oils, Plastic Carrier bags and disposable batteries.

This means as of 01 October 2019 the new items that were added will be subjected to the new rate of Environment levy.

Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein moved the motion in the National Assembly this week, which was agreed to.

“Although the implementation /effective date is specified on the Gazette, as the date of publication in the Gazette, the Minister has deferred the implementation date to the 1st of October 2019 in order to allow more time to the general public to make  the necessary arrangements accordingly.

“In light of the above every importer manufacturer or dealer, who on the implementation date has, in his possession the goods concerned which have not been cleared for home consumption should take stock of such goods and declare them to customs and pay the levy as specified in the Schedule,” Executive Director in the Ministry of Finance, Ericah Shafudah said this week.