Naude, former employee in nasty fight

• By Erasmus Shalihaxwe

LOCAL Marshall Ranger, Sean Naude has accused a former employee of being a toxic man who made it his mission to spread lies, deceit and false information against his ambulance unit by approaching ministries and the media to destroy him.

Naude who has been operating an ambulance services for years also works as a snakes and wild animal’s rescuer.

Naude said this in an interview with this publication after a man approached Confidente accusing Naude of being a liar and fraudster who runs a private ambulance service as a CC, in the guise of a non-profit charitable organisation to get donations and avoid paying tax.

The man who preferred to remain anonymous for fear of victimisation by Naude, said he once worked with Naude and left with others when they realised that Naude was not being honest with his dealings which included him often carrying a shotgun in his ambulance while attending to accidents scenes.

“There are so many concerns regarding Sean Naude. From his historical alliance with an under- age bride, to spats with the Namibian Police Force and City Police, to his attitude during Covid-19, his criminal record, and more recently his running of a private ambulance service as a CC, but in the guise of a non-profit charitable organisation. Having personal experience from working with him, I can give assurance that he merits investigations at the highest levels. He does not pay tax, his financial records are non-existent, and he owes money everywhere but denies any responsibility for that. The ACC, Namfisa and NAMAF are all aware,” said the source.

He said that Naude’s registration as an ambulance service provider was fraudulent as he never had an Advanced Life Support Medic training.
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Therefore, there are real worries amongst the professional medics that Naude is bringing down the profession, despite his protestations.
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“There is also a real concern that his arsenal of weapons is no longer stored safely, allied to his brag that he often carries a shotgun in his ambulance. His latest scam on the public who fund him completely, is to offer an Emergency Care Plan. This looks as though it is country-wide, something that he would be unable to provide

“Sean Naude is a fraud and a con man. Marshall Rangers is a CC, surviving only on sporadic donations.

There is no way he has the funding to support an insurance company which is what he is proposing, as well as no registration as a financial services business.

He does not have the resources to facilitate ambulance transfer anywhere in the country as promised,” the source concluded.