Naule warned off NPBWC

By Michael Uugwanga

THE Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service (SYNS), Agnes Tjongarero has instructed the Namibian Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWC) member, Jason Naule to step aside from attending any boxing meetings, as Naule is accused of having created fraudulent payments in the sum of N$826 287 by his former employer, the National Assembly.

The fraudulent payments according to the court documents were done between December 2015 and December 2021 for services that were not provided to the Assembly.

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Those alleged fraudulent payments included a payment of N3 729 to a close corporation of Ukarerani, UMK Investment CC, the state charges.

Naule was appointed as one of the five executive members alongside, Magreth Mengo (chairperson) Sebastian Shituleni, lawyer Veruschka De La Harpe and financial expert, Irene Shebo to serve NPBWC for a period of three years.

Naule (43) is a former professional boxer who in his fighting days, won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Pan-African Superlight before retiring in 2010.

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The former Khomas Boxing Federation (KBF) chairman appeared before a Windhoek Magistrate Court on a total of 13 crimminal charges in connection with alleged fraud, corruption and other crimes alongside co-accused, Paulus Nathinge.