NCAA ‘conceals’ national security breach

By Hilary Mare

THE Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has twice this year allegedly allowed unauthorised aircraft -both from South Africa- to land in and depart from Namibia triggering fears that the country’s national security is under threat, Confidente can reveal.

With a similar incident reported to have taken place earlier in the year, Confidente can further reveal that an aircraft identified as ZS-TTH entered the sovereign territory of Namibia without the required clearances on May 22 and was in contravention of Covid-19 regulations that had been published under the State of Emergency.

While, Works and Transport Minister John Mutorwa has already demanded and received two reports on the incident from the NCAA leadership, no measures were taken against both the pilot as well as officials that authorised the departure of the aircraft which was supposed to be detained.

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The aircraft with the pilot as the only crew member landed at Walvis Bay airport on May 22 at about 9am from Cape Town to pick up a certain Hudgson Kevin Graham, a South African national, who allegedly disembarked from a boat in Walvis Bay claiming to be sick and wanted to fly to South Africa to seek medical help.

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