Business, NCCI fallout over new leadership

In an inquiry, Mwiya noted that it is a misrepresentation of truth to say that members of the new leadership are not active in business. The entire board are actively managing and running business, either as owners, or duly appointed leaders, CEOs or MDs of the respective entities they are employed by and represent as it relates to NCCI membership, she said.

She went on to say:

“The business entities or institutions they come from fully comply with the NCCI constitutional requirements, and the individuals have been duly elected in line with the standing constitutional guidelines pertaining to the election of directors.

“Namibia’ state-owned enterprises, parastatals or public enterprises (PEs) are an integral part of this country’s developing economy.

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That is factual and was duly acknowledged by the NCCI’s founders.

And it remains important to this day. But over time it might change with some PEs commercialising and others might very well enter into smart partnerships under government’s public private partnership (PPP) framework.

“There is even a strategy in place for the listing of some PEs on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX).

  As the record will reflect, right from the start NCCI has enjoyed strong support from PEs. Not only in terms of membership, but at a leadership level too. Dr. Leake Hangala, then head of Nampower, is one of the early presidents and he was followed Ms. Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi who headed Namdeb at the time. Many other CEOs of PEs such as MVA Fund, Telecom, Nampost, TransNamib, Air Namibia, Namport, Agribank and NHE among others have held leadership roles, together with the captains of business, large and small, at branch and at national level.

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A question that begs an answer is why this now becomes an issue following the election, unopposed, of NCCI’s current president!”

Mwiya explained that the integrity of NCCI members and their support for the chamber was never in doubt. 

“We restate what has been said above: Although it might be frowned upon and viewed as being divisive and counter-productive, misguided individuals who have the time, energy, oodles of resources and destructive tendencies, are allowed to confuse the nation and irritate the business community. The hand of friendship is extended to anyone who feels aggrieved and motivated to splinter or fragment the business sector.

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If they have a gripe, come and share it with the NCCI’s secretariat, or if they prefer, with the chamber’s leadership and we see how best their frustrations, concerns, unease can be addressed.”