Ndeitunga wants salary increments for junior officers


POLICE chief Sebastian Ndeitunga said he will lobby the Minister of Safety, Security and Immigration Albert Kawana to entice his cabinet colleagues to consider approving salary increments for officers from the rank of inspector cascading down.

“These officers need a salary increment. I will discuss it with the minister since he saw himself the conditions in which officers work,” he told a local radio station this week.  Kawana, Ndeitunga and other officials are touring northern regions, visiting border police stations and getting an insight on the operations of police officers and their working conditions.

“The minister wants to familiarise himself with the situation in which our members operate. We are looking mostly at Special field Force (SFF) members who are guarding our borders. We are looking at their accommodation, the vehicles they are working with as well as their food. The minister wants to know their needs so that their situation can be improved where necessary and where needed,” he said.


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