Nearly 1 100 arrested in drug busts this year

By Maria Kandjungu

THE Namibian police confiscated drugs valued at over N$24 million involving 1027 Namibians over the last 10 months, pointing to a likelihood that locals are fast becoming dealers and consumers of drugs such as cannabis, mandrax, cocaine and crack cocaine.

Shocking statistics reviewed by Confidente reveal that 1,098 suspects were arrested in the drug busts involving 1 027 Namibians, 34 Angolans, 22 Congolese, 12 Tanzanians, five Zambians and four South Africans over the 10-month period. The arrested persons also included three Burundians, one Zimbabwean, a Mozambican, one Ethiopian and one Swazi nationals.

The police said although Namibia was in the past used as a transit for drugs, the trend has changed as more drugs are now being consumed locally and Namibians are doing the dealings themselves. This, they said, was despite the country not producing most drugs.

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“Namibian is not a drug-producing country.

Most of the drugs found in Namibia come from neighbouring countries and from South America,” Nampol stated.

In efforts to address the growing abuse of illicit drugs in the country, Nampol has partnered with various institutions and are conducting drug awareness campaigns at schools, churches and community gatherings to educate the public about the dangers of drug trafficking and abuse and to encourage abstinence and quitting drugs.

Nampol nevertheless said they are adequately equipped to detect trafficking of drugs at ports and entry points into the country.

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