Nedbank launches offering for young professionals

By Business Reporter

NEDBANK Namibia has launched its new private banking offering which is specifically geared towards young professionals.

The launch took place via a live event on the Nedbank Namibia Facebook page, and gave an opportunity to a diverse panel of young Namibians professionals to speak about their current professions and side hustles, and further discussed how they aspire to reach greater heights as well as the challenges they face in the wake of the global pandemic.

In these increasingly complex and uncertain times, Nedbank continues to integrate inclusivity into its operations in order to improve and expand opportunities for young professionals.

Speaking at the event, Nedbank head of private banking, Liezl Brockerhoff said, “We would like to be a part of the Namibian young professional’s journey, by making their aspirations to financial prosperity a smooth-sailing experience and assisting them early in their careers with understanding how they can manage their financial resources.”

Speaking on the panel was University of Namibia Industrial Psychology and Political Science graduate Kake Kashe, whose love for well-designed spaces led him into starting a business in the property renovation industry.

Also speaking on the panel was Namibia Nature Foundation environmental communication officer, Disney Andreas, who is also the co-founder of exciting local brands Dololo and Monochrome Magazine and the host of sustainable fashion event the Swap My Look closet exchange.

Social entrepreneur Bernhard Walther, who is also the co-founder of Ebikes4Africa, a startup that focuses on mobilising through sustainable transport, also spoke at the event.

The Nedbank Young Professional campaign, which was largely created by local young professionals, features Namibian rapper Latoya ‘Lioness’ Mwoombola, who is also a medical doctor, and her sister Gina Jeanz Mwoombola who is a music producer, DJ and designer.

The campaign is premised on the five pillars of Nedbank’s client value proposition, which aims to provide young professionals with convenient banking, expert advice on saving, managing their finances, financing their dreams to ensure their growth, as well as adding value to their lives through benefits that matter to them and their families.