Nehale Lya Mpingana locals bemoan lack of services

… as residents want constituency split into two


RESIDENTS of Oshikoto’s most remote constituency, Nehale Lya Mpingana, say the remoteness of their area has caused them much suffering in terms of service delivery. They thus want the constituency split into two to make it easier for them to access basic services such as water, schooling and medical services among others.

Several residents of the constituency who spoke to Confidente this week, speak of a tale of a constituency located deep in the bushes of the Ondonga tribal area, where basic services such as water are a luxury and where some pupils have dropped out of primary school due to long distances they have to travel each day to and from school.

They also tell of a constituency where those in need of medical services have to travel distances of up to 50 km to reach the nearest clinic and where mobile phone network can be available only at places 30 km away.


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