Nekundi wanted NEFF deregistered: Ipumbu

NEFF deputy leader Kalimbo Iipumbu said he was not surprised by the electoral commission’s decision to deregister the party. The Electoral Commission of Namibia deregistered NEFF this week, citing non-compliance regarding the submission of financial statements from 2020/21 until now.

“It is no secret that Swapo member Veikko Nekundi has been pressuring the ECN to deregister our party, which raises serious concerns about the impartiality of this decision.

“We wish to inform the masses of our people who have been gravely affected by this move that the NEFF is preparing to challenge this unjust decision in court,” he added.

According to Ipumbu, NEFF was in the process of submitting its financial reports to the electoral commission. Ipumbu also said they were getting the financials published in local newspapers.

The NEFF deputy said the party has consistently demonstrated its commitment to principles of accountability and transparency. “We have diligently audited our financial records and have been in the process of publishing these audited financial statements in national newspapers since last week,” Iipumbu said.

Iipumbu claimed that the auditing process is complex and lengthy, and the party will not be blamed or held accountable for the time taken. “This thorough auditing process, which is essential for maintaining financial integrity, is not something that can be expedited beyond reasonable timeframes. As such we submit that just like any organization the NEFF cannot be held accountable for the natural duration of this due process,” he said.

Iipumbu further added that the ECN’s decision appears to have been made in a rushed manner. He claims there needed to be more effective and adequate consultation to ensure all parties could reach common ground.

“This lack of due and thorough process undermines the democratic principles that the ECN is supposed to uphold.
“We thus view this deregistration as a frivolous decision aimed at undermining fair contestation in the upcoming elections this November,” Iipumbu added.