Nepotism claims hit…as 10 Constables become overnight Police Inspectors


ALLEGATIONS of nepotism and corruption have rocked the Namibia Police Force (NamPol) after 10 police constables from the Legal Aid Department were reportedly promote to the rank of Inspectors.

The questionable promotion took place in August during former NamPol Inspector General, Sebastian Ndeitunga’s reign.

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There are four ranking position between that of Constable and Inspector and a source with intimate knowledge on the promotion told Confidente that one of the promoted officers is a blood relative to a senior Commissioner in the Legal Aid Department.

“I understand the reason why these people were promoted is because one of the constables is a daughter to the head of the department and obviously she wanted her daughter to earn a higher salary.

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All the constables in that department ended up being promoted because of that lady and this is unfair.

“I have been in the police for so long and every time l submit my promotion no one reverts back to me.

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It is painful to see other people who just joined the force being suddenly promoted. This has to end, we have a lot of people that are being sidelined and l am not the only one. l also have high qualifications, so what was so special about these constables?” he queried.

In an interview with Confidente, NamPol Inspector General, Joseph Shikongo confirmed that he was aware of the promotions.

“Yes, l am aware of those people who were promoted, but you must always remember that there are procedures that needs to be followed before someone is promoted and if someone is aggrieved about certain issues they should always come to me instead of running to the media. They can always write an appointment letter and then we can take it from there.