Netball leaders in constitution bungle

By Michael Uugwanga

IT has been revealed that the president of Netball Namibia (NN) Lydia Mutenda, her team and regional netball leaders had miscalculated the terms of office of the current leadership which had announced that the association was hosting its elective congress in May that could have seen new leaders appointed into power.

However, this is no longer the case after the chief administrator of Namibia Sports Commission (NSC), Freddy Mwiya told Confidente Sport this week that according to the NN constitution, the term of the current leaders will only come to an end on May 11 2022 and not on May 11 2021 as it was earlier communicated.

This means that the elective congress of NN will only take place next year before May 11 2022 and not in May this year as had been notified by the association.

Mwiya admitted that even his office had initially not consulted the NN constitution, neither did the regions verify with their own constitution to when the term in office of their leaders will come to an end.

“The problem is that we all did not properly check their constitution. After looking at their constitution the term of the current leaders is only coming to an end next year May.

  As we speak now I am busy writing letters to regions to inform them that they got it wrong.  It is better that the letter comes from my office than come from NN because the regions will think that their leaders are just trying to lobby for another term,” he said.

The current leaders at the helm of Netball Namibia are Mutenda, vice-president for marketing, sponsorship, public relations and competitions Rebekka //Goagoses, vice president for development Isadore Nel and secretary-general Imelda Nerongo, who have all been in their respective positions since 2017.

Early this month, Confidente Sport reported that the current leaders were eyeing for another term, a move that was not well received by regional leaders who want to see new leaders at the helm.