Netumbo Nandi – Ndaitwah – Epitome of Fourth Wave of leadership

NAMIBIAN came to appreciate without any iota of doubt what is termed  “3rd wave of African leaders in Africa” by President Hage Geingob.   He eloquently narrated  that  this  set of leaders  such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana; Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya; Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania; Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia; Patrice Lumumba of Congo (as it then was); Ahmed Sekou Touré of Guinea and Sam Nujoma dedicated their life to fight for the total liberation  of their countries and Afrika.  In Namibian context, this great Pan- Africanists were followed by the second and third waves of leaders such as Hifikepunye Pohamba and Hage Geingob respectively. The pair were greatly influenced and shaped ideologically by the politics of the cold war.


Within the echelon of power, young freedom fighters were identified and nurtured to provide steam, energy and character to the liberation struggle of Namibia. Netumbo Nandi – Ndaitwah without any hesitation bravely raised her hand to be counted for this noble assignment. Her resolve never wavered despite the unimaginable sacrifices that she and her comrades were forced to make, choosing instead to embrace the prophetic words by Franz Fanon, “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it, in relative opacity.

Growing up in the village, the young Netumbo spent her days pounding mahangu millets like many girls her age. As a pounding-girl, she learned the principles of hard work,  and the importance of nurturing and protecting those in her care. Above all, she learned the principle of integrity and collective good.

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This are principles  synonym to her great effort in promoting nation-building. As a youth political activist, she came to the understanding, very early on, that slavery and death are essentially the same and that the balkanization of Afrika was the beginning of Afrika’s perpetual suffering and dependency. This reality sparked a revolutionary fire in her demeanour and spirit.

She never turned back despite her arrest at  a tender age of 17.

Netumbo eagerly followed the different waves of leadership in Namibia in an orderly fashion.

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  Consequently, her generation belong to the class of   “4th wave of leaders in Africa”.  This class is tasked to fulfil without fail a generational responsibility in providing hope and inspiration to the youth; workers; women; elders and veteran of the  Namibian liberation struggle. It is befitting and just  to conclude that Netumbo’s stature is larger than life. She is a thought and patriotic leader who has the love for her beloved nation. Her vision and resolute approach to Namibia are legendary. A women, who with her peers, are called up to consolidate the democratic revolution laid by her predecessors for political stability and socio-economic development.

Netumbo  is a all weathered  Pan Africanist par excellence, a believer in the unity project  of Afrika because, as Kwame Nkrumah emphatically declared upon Ghana’s independence, “Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with total liberation of the African continent.” It is with this insight and  lifetime commitment, Netumbo has been consistently and persistently a strong supporter and defender of nations such as Cuba, Palestine, and Western Sahara; nations that are victims economic embargos, colonialism and oppression.

As a women who believes in self-reliance, Netumbo promotes the youth who are our greatest asset.

Netumbo has demonstrated over the years that she is ready to put on her  boots and over-roll  to fight for a better Namibia for all. The seasoned diplomat continue  to provide the nation with courage and hope to walk free; walk tall; and innovate  that  our children and future generations might be the proud of their history, legacy and inheritance. The young lady from the village of Onamutai is a shining light that illuminate in the passage of our  lives and future. She has taught us that no matter our collective differences,  unity of purpose should always be the glue that bind us together. The decorated freedom fighter and daughter of the soil is indeed an epitome of a fourth wave of leader who possess quality attributes and values to be re-elected as the Vice President of SWAPO Party.  May the legacy of the waves of leadership in Namibia and Africa continue!!