New book on Harry Simon’s time in jail out

By Rosalia David

A biography of former WBO junior middleweight and WBO middleweight champion Harry Simon has just been released, titled ‘Harry Simon: Lifestyle and Treatment in Prison’. According to the author of the book, Erickson Amunyela, it is based on the true life story of Simon’s time in prison.

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Simon was sentenced to an effective two years in jail in 2005 after he was found guilty of culpable homicide in the Walvis Bay Regional Court on a charge that stemmed from a horror accident at Langstrand in November 2002, in which three Belgian tourists – two adults and a baby – were killed.

“It is basically just about his time in prison, the challenges he faced during his term, how he was treated and how he had overcome certain issues in life.
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It’s a good book that many are able to relate to and learn a few things from him,” Amunyela said.

He further mentioned that writing a book about the champion was a rollercoaster ride as they struggled to get the go ahead from the authorities, as other inmates are mentioned in the book. “It was not easy because we had to protect the rights of many other inmates, it was a huge struggle to get approval from those guys. Perhaps they also did not want him to reveal how he was treated during his term,” he said.

Amunyela went on to discuss the aims of the book, saying that it was also to respond to all the rumours and accusations that were roaming around during the case.

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He told Confidente that it took them close to 10 years to complete the book, as there were no funds to complete the production phase of the manuscript.

“Not only funds, but there are times I forget the story also because this book was written while we were together in prison. If you skip some time before writing, one forgets,” he added.

Now that the book is finally out, he said the demand is quite high and everyone wants to grab a copy of the book but they are limited. “We only printed 50 copies to also just check the market and see how the sales go. Now that we know that a lot of people are interested, we can do a reprint. They are only available by us for now, once we print we will make sure that they are available countrywide.”