New music to usher in keDezember

By Rosalia David

THIS year has been incredibly challenging for the music world as musicians found themselves unable to tour or release albums as anticipated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, now that its business as usual, the year is seeing a swathe of remarkable releases, protest anthems, creative re-awakenings, and revitalised masterpieces.

Confidente this week took a look at some of the upcoming stereo-shaking albums to look out for as the year comes to an end.

Teeleleni Abraham Mumbangala better known as Tate Buti will be releasing his 18th track album titled ‘Etunhu’ (speed humps) on November 30.

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In a short interview about the inspiration behind the title of the album, the Kwiku music king said it was after he negotiated a huge speed hump he encountered in Ondangwa during one of his business trips.

“I was struggling to get over the speed hump and somehow I could relate it to how life is in general … in life, there will always be those speed bumps to slow you down when you are going too fast,” he said.

Another musician who has been busy on social media promoting her upcoming third album is ‘Victoria’ hitmaker Monica Pinias also known as Top Cheri.

She will also be dropping her third album titled ‘Tithe’ on November 30.

Pinias said the inspiration behind the title of the album was drawn from appreciating her God-given talent and achievements so far.

“With this album, I am giving back and giving thanks to my music and everything it has gotten me including all the places it has taken me, so this is my tithe, because I am so grateful.

On the Tithe album, she featured the likes of Kwaito crooner Exit, Makila, Manxebe, Kapa Kamandela and Kalux.

Meanwhile, Jericho Gawanab, popularly known as J-Twizzle is also hyping his ‘Recovery’ album that will be released soon.

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On the upcoming project, he worked with the best underground artists in the producing game such as Stacks, Edison, Zesh, Pro Clif, Arafath and Elvo.

Another musician/producer, Arafath’s album titled ‘Arapiano’ will be released during the first week of December which is inspired by the current trending sound named ‘Amapiano’ originating from South Africa.

“I am done with all the ground work, all we need to do is release. Get ready for an amazing House album,” he said.