New rapper on the block

By Rosalia David

RISING rapper Petrus Matheus better known as Young P is set to launch his music career with an upcoming hip hop EP titled ‘Rauna se Kind’.

The artist started writing and recording music when he was in high school after he had got an opportunity to produce an ‘African Child’ song for Eldorado High School instructed by the principal who spotted the talent in him; and Matheus decided to pursue his music path from then.

This week, he released a single titled ‘Get it’ – a song inspired by mothers who support their children’s dreams whether it be singing or dancing.

“I was not privileged in getting that support growing up but thumbs up to those parents who go out of their way to inspire their children to go out there and get it. Many people fail to reach their dreams due to lack of support, especially from home and I can attest to that,” he said.

Despite lacking the necessary support system, Matheus said he is determined to push boundaries for his music to get the necessary exposure it deserves.

He is currently planning on releasing an official video for ‘Get it.’

“The music video for my latest single will be shot in October and hopefully drop in the beginning of November.”

The song was produced by local producer duo of Huncho and Nasty Kid.

Shedding more light on his upcoming project, Matheus said the EP will be released on his birthday on December 7 in memory of his mother who passed on when he was a baby.

“Rauna Se Kind means ‘Rauna’s Child’ in Afrikaans which refers to my late mother who passed away. The project is dedicated to her and fans can expect about 10 songs on it.”

Asked on the challenges he has faced as an upcoming rapper in the country, Matheus said being taken seriously was the biggest trial.

“When you are an upcoming hip hop artist in the country, people will hardly bother to listen to your music just because the name doesn’t sound familiar. It is all about who knows who and not the talent. People like to support international acts more than their local counterparts even though the country is full of unexplored talent and it would be a shame to see most of it go to waste just because people don’t support them,” he stressed.