New wedding show enters local scene

By Rosalia David

A new series, ‘My Dream Wedding’ which will be adding extra salsa to Namibian traditional weddings, is set to hit local TV screens this year.
In an interview with Confidente, founder of Olive Entertainment and the upcoming series Julia Bosslady Kadhikwa said auditions for the presenters have already been concluded making them almost ready for the ‘big’ show.
“It was so difficult to pick from the people that came for the auditions because we have many talented individuals but a decision however had to be made. We are almost there. We will broadcast soon as we are done with the filming of the first season,” she said.
However, without giving any particular date of the series premiere, Kadhikwa further explained what ‘My dream wedding’ is all about saying that the aim is to get up close and personal with every unique couple across the country.
“The show will be broadcasting the preparation of different cultures showcasing how it’s done marrying one of their kind. We have so many tribes getting married but no details on Namibia, we have a diversity of culture that the rest of the world and among us need to see,” she added.
Asked on the tribes they plan on focusing more, she said the series will mainly focus on Oshiwambo weddings but is accommodative to showing how weddings are celebrated in other tribes such as the Ovaherero, the San, Ovahimba and those from Zambezi and also Kavango regions.
Kadhikwa said the aim is to showcase what makes all these cultural weddings different from one another.
Besides capturing the different Namibia cultural wedding ceremonies, she said the series indirectly also removes the burden of having to pay a videographer for the wedding.
“What is unique about our show is the fact that we are helping out couples that want to have their dream wedding filmed and are not financially really ready to achieve that but explaining to society about the objectives of the TV show is a challenge,” she added.
Kadhikwa noted that although the series aims to create memories for the newlyweds, she said, the ‘My dream wedding’ concept is far from the ‘Our perfect wedding’, the popular DSTV show.
“We are here to educate the nation and showcase its diverse beauty of the different tribes and their uniqueness in and of course to promote unity amongst ourselves as we cannot deny that we still have tribalism in the country. It is still a bit challenging for different tribes to tie the knot and we want to find out if we are shifting from that mindset or we are still holding on to the past,” she said.