NFC trains local filmmakers

By Rosalia David

THE Namibian Film Commission (NFC) has completed its first film training, awarding 27 upcoming and experienced filmmakers with certificates in ‘Film production principles’.

Early this year, NFC announced that it has adopted a new approach of taking longer to assess proposed projects before funds are granted to ensure that filmmakers have gone through the necessary training in order to improve their work for market readiness.

The one-month training was facilitated by veteran film director and producer Cecil Moller via Zoom because of the pandemic.

In the given timeframe, Moller took the 27 filmmakers through the production elements, equipping them with clear and affective strategies to produce quality films on low budget productions, script preparation and presentation, including pitch techniques.

Upcoming filmmaker Sydney Skrywer who took part in the training described the teaching to Confidente as fruitful and beneficial saying that he had learned a few tricks that could help him produce a professional film on a low budget.

“I am glad to have been selected to take part in the training. Now I am able to pass on what I have learned to the rest of the crew so that we can produce a film that can be recognised elsewhere,” he said.

Sean Namboga shared the same sentiment saying that NFC made a great move coming up with a film production workshop.

He said, “We learned a lot. Cecil is a good trainer and has been very flexible throughout the whole phase. At least now, one is able to exercise the things we have learned and can start working on our projects but waiting to find out whether we will be funded or not.”

The 27 participants had a pitch day after the training, convincing the NFC panel on why they deserve to be funded through their annual film funding budget.

Fellemon Ndongo who has also been in the industry for a number of years as an assistant director said he enjoyed every bit of the training despite suspense continuing to build up as they wait for the final answer.

“I have worked on productions before but as an assistant director but I am now ready to direct myself especially now that we have gone through this training,” he said.

During the 2018/2019 financial year the commission rolled out film local content development projects to the tune of N.
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3 million which accounted for 72 percent of the total allocated budget.

During the same financial year, NFC created employment for 69 Namibians and trained 12 aspiring filmmakers. Further support was accorded in the form of payment of trainees attached to local films, website development support, festival attendance, training of the selected filmmakers from annual call outs through workshops, as well as equipment and transport assistance.
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